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Originally Posted by whc.03grady View Post
It's a mistake to think that "logic and reasoning" somehow belong to times or persons, as you seem to be thinking.
It's a mistake to think that logic as you know it applies to all situations, such as QM where strange things happen.

It's akin to applying Newtonian logic to a Relativistic situation. How can two objects each traveling towards each other at .9c to a neutral observer appear to approach each other at .99c? It doesn't make logical sense to in Newtonian terms, but it has been demonstrated to be accurate.

There's just no sense in which "If a=b, and b=c, then a=c" was a caveman principle 20,000 years ago and in which it's a modern human principle now.
Yes there is such a sense. It's called QM, which defies conventional logic.