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Originally Posted by Enola Gay View Post
....On a related note, I have also heard the myth that chickens will drown if they look up when it's raining (something about their being too stupid to tilt their heads back down before water fills their lungs), but I must have Einstein chickens because my will tilt their head up to get a quick drink, then go right back to pecking around in their scratch. I should add that we have quick draining soil so puddles don't form unless the rain is very heavy. They could of course walk over to their watering hole, but I guess looking up to drink a few drops is easier.
The chicken drinking thing is amazing.

It seems so logical, but offhand I can't think of another animal that does that.

Seldom, you're right, I think it was about turkeys I heard that. Now that I think of it, geese don't seem so dumb at all. Don't ask me how I get that opinion, though.

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