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Originally Posted by Leo Bloom View Post
Good cite. Prompts a question: You're a Mod and all that, so are you the Royal Remembrancer of SD? Or are you the only one who bothers to use the indexes?
I've read most of the columns, so I often recall if Cecil has covered the topic.

Also, I'd like to comment on that column (even while dreading deathly bolts of lightning from the Master): there's not a single damn cite in it.

Shouldn't what is usually required of the ganders apply to the Goose? (Serendipitous metaphor...).
That was from 1986, back in the days when the columns were exclusively in newspapers - and free newspapers at that. The columns are popular, rather than scientific accounts, and back in those days Cecil frequently did not cite his sources. That said, Cecil's more recent columns, at least the on-line versions, do include references.