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Arjuna, that book looks fantastic--I have put it on my Amazon Wishlist at highest priority--thanks!

BrainGlutton, the idea of space colonisation "keeping the herd moving" is intriguing. Makes sense.

Lemur866, your whole post is very well observed. But isn't the difference this time that in those other revolutions, there was still stuff that human labour was needed to do to keep the new orientation of society working? The labour force moved from farms to factories to service positions; but if those are all automated, what then? I can see a big expansion in people working in the arts, research, etc.; but what of the common folk who aren't so intellectually oriented? What will they do? And do you see upheaval along the way, or just a steadily larger and larger percentage of the population living on welfare until at some point that seems obsolete and unnecessary?