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Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
It's not like they'd deliberately spread technology because they're nice people. It's just that putting up a wall to keep goods that cost nothing and therefore have no value out of the hands of poor people seems like a lot of work. So worrying that third world people get a flood of free junk is like worrying that those bastards are breathing our air and not paying for it.

Again, things that cost nothing to produce have no economic value and therefore people won't value them. Nobody will care if people get worthless junk.
That would be true if the OP concerned matter replicators or nano-production that could break anything into a pile of grey goo and build anything from it. But we're "only" talking about nigh-infinite free labour here. For one thing, we'd always seem to be short on robot-building materials, for another all these neat goods the robots make for us are made of stuff. Can't go around spreading all of our stuff !

I daresay the first world would possibly guzzle less stuff away, because with the robots doing all of the work and barely any need for money, workforce or army, our natality rates would plummet. Still, as I said, there's still only so much raw materials, grazing land, ripe pastures and hallucinogenic sexbots to go around.