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Originally Posted by dorsk188 View Post
If the latter, any idea where such a wrong idea originated?
From complete ignorance about subjects like economics, history, sociology, antropology and basically any other form of learnin'?

My WAG is that the idea originated from the modern perception of homosexuality being synonymous with weakness, effeminance and general "girly-man"ism. (As opposed to the ancient Greek image of nude jacked-up dudes wrestling each other and punching lions in the face). As such, it is an extension of the conservative blue-collar ethic that real men are rugged and tough, gut instinct and common sense are superior to ivory tower book smarts and the only meaningful work is dirty, dangerous work performed with your hands. So by logical conclusion, the more a society embraced homosexuality as an acceptible lifestyle, the more it embraced a way of life that resulted in a society that was too weak to defend itself and too soft to do the necessary work needed to keep it running properly.

Originally Posted by Theophane
Do you have a family?
I do. And I would litterally murder every single one of them if I had to live with them for any length of time. And I actually LIKE most of them.

But I think we are in agreement that what is more important is that people are better off belonging to small, supportive family-like structures, even if they are not biologically related.