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Originally Posted by Chicken Fingers View Post
I know what you're talking about, ThelmaLou. Just the other day I heard myself answering questions in that nonsensically emphatic way for the first time ever. It disturbed me, because it's not natural to my style of speaking. Something is in the air.
Thank you for that.

Originally Posted by Nava View Post
What drives me up a wall and down the other is people who answer an "A or B" question with "yes". Yes what? Yes A, yes B, or yes you may give me a swift kick on the behind to help me wake up?
I completely agree with this! And what makes it worse is when they say it with a smug smile, like they think they're being witty or cute, or like they're the first person to ever think this up.

Originally Posted by Boyo Jim View Post
I find a lot of people are especially averse to the word 'no'. I think they are so averse to delivering bad news so they avoid the word, even when the context might not mean a bad thing.
I think this is absolutely true, too. If you say "no," even if no is the true answer, then you're a "negative person." Puh-leese. Sometimes no or even HELL NO! is the right anwer: "Do you want to go with me to the dogfight tonight?" "I don't," sounds wimpy and regretful, when the proper answer is "Fuck no! And don't ever ask me again!"

Speaking of being negative, many years ago (mid-1960's), I worked at a telephone answering service. (We sat at a switchboard and answered the phone and took messages for businesses after hours or when they were out.) We operators were forbidden to answer a question with the exact phrase, "I don't know." We couldn't say it to callers TO the business or to the businesses when they called in to pick up their messages. We had a whole raft of permissible phrases to use instead: "He didn't give me that information," "I'll find out for you," "I'll ask Mr. Jones to call you with that information." I guess my bosses felt that to say "I don't know" made the answering service look like we weren't on the ball. Maybe they were right, as when one says "I don't know," someone can reply, "Well. why DON'T you know?" or "Well, who DOES?" or "What DO you know??" That job could be stressful...