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I fear it may be a little rude to have so many quotes, but I really want to comment on these. After all, part of the purpose of the thread is to share strategies and techniques. I'm especially in need of that.
Originally Posted by Maastricht View Post
Yes, but you can outwit them. Many a time I have pretended to throw away an earring because I had only one left, and this isn't the eighties anymore where I got away with wearing just one earring.
Anyway, after the click of the carbage bin, I say out loud: " That was a shame. Oh well, if that other earring ever shows up, I will have to throw that one out, too."

Within a day after the garbage truck has passed, the other earring shows up, hoping to savour my frustration. Then I say: "gotcha!" and reunite it with its twin.
Yes. I will call this the Sun Tzu approach. Why fight with brute force when you can use their own methods against them. Misdirection --> Sell the deception --> VICTORY!!!
Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
In the past there have been several key items necessary for the maintenance of civilization of my home and body that kept disappearing on me. But I thwarted the nefarious plan of the evil bastards about 20 years ago.
This sounds like a good plan, but I wonder what might happen in the even of a full scale revolt. It's not likely because I think they need us for something beyond the obvious. Not sure what, but I've been working on it.
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The prescription pills I take have somehow gained the ability to become invisible upon touching the bathroom floor. When I happen to drop one, it will have a good laugh watching me search on my hands and knees for several minutes, then become visible again, directly in front of the sink.
Little bastards!
Ah, yes. Invisibility. I was thinking wormholes or dimensional jumps, but Occam's Razor says I should favor this explanation. And this is perfectly in line with their modus operandi - stealth, deception, cunning.
Originally Posted by Corcaigh View Post
This happens to me all the time in my kitchen - and I have a tiled floor in there, so anything breakable explodes on contact. I've suffered the loss of so many items of crockery that I'm tempted to believe the kitchen is haunted by the vengeful/ playful spirit of my deceased cat.
I've noticed that ceramics seem to be mostly suicidal. I think because of their sized, they can't flout the rules with the same abandon as smaller objects. I think it's a little like the vampire code. They don't care if some of us know. They actually want that since they need people like us to torture and harrow. But they can't let any actual proof get out. Now that I think about it, it may be less about a tendency toward suicide and more about internal enforcement.

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Whenever I throw something in the bin, it misses. Doesn't matter if I'm "going for a three pointer", or standing right next to the bin - whatever is in my hand will land on the floor.
I think misdirection might work here. Say aloud that you want it to land somewhere else and sell it by making that seem like a plausible target. I'm betting it will go in every time. But you must remember to seem frustrated when it does.

Note: I don't know if they can read everyone's mind. I think it might just be a few of us whom (who? ) I believe where specifically bred for that purpose (long story). But if it seems that they can anticipate your next move occasionally, then they probably can. BTW, tin foil doesn't seem to help.

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Last Christmas I bought a chocolate cheesecake, was it nomilicious? I have no idea, the bag it was in somersaulted off the back seat and the cheesecake fell out, the box burst open and the back of the car is still manky from it. The car was stationary at the time, I was still taking bags out of the trolley. The bag containing the cheesecake was the only bag I'd put into the car. I'd set it at a 45ish degree angle (leaning back) specifically to stop the bag falling over.
This sounds quite serious. And it happened in such a public place. Very uncharacteristic. I suspect something unrelated was going on and your poor cheese cake was collateral damage. Let's hope so anyway.
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I picked up my prescription at the chemist one day, three days later I couldn't find the tablets anywhere. I had to go back to the chemist and request a re-supply. The originals have never resurfaced.
This is the sort of evil we are dealing with. That can't be emphasized enough. Would you deny your great uncle his nitroglycerin if he were to have chest pains? Of course not. You're good and moral (apologies if that offends anyone ). But this is part of the game. They don't really want to kill you outright, but if they're having fun and that happens . . . oh well. It takes them a while to find your weakness, vulnerabilities, etc. and they don't really want to start from scratch again. So you are somewhat valuable. But that is valuable as in chattels. Basically, how we would look at an ox or a cow.
Originally Posted by Corcaigh View Post
Indeed. Good luck!!!
Originally Posted by Senegoid View Post
I read a little story once about an Evil Ring that did that . . .

As for Mangetout's practice of picking up those gravity-addled coins that gravitated away from their past masters . . . I befriended a poor borderline-homeless couple once.
Just want you to know that we really did appreciate the help. Borderline is impossible to treat pharmacologically (more or less) and because of the wild swings, people tend to be put off very quickly.

BTW, sorry about rearranging the rocks in your Zen garden. That was the OCD not me. I had no choice. I hope you'll understand.