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You guys should check out what Casey has done over at Ravelry, a knitting/crocheting/spinning site. While there are some things that I wish I could tweak a bit more, it's a really nifty forum design. If someone replies specifically to me in any thread I've posted in, there's a box that appears at the top of the forums saying, "hey! You have # unread replies!" Click it and the box expands to list each reply you have waiting for you. You can click to go directly to the reply, but when you get there, there's a light green bar saying that you have unread posts between where you stopped reading in the thread and this reply to you. You can either go to last unread or tell it to mark those posts as read.

The post numbers are large-ish and they fade to grey as you scroll/read, as a live indicator of what posts you've read. You can watch a thread, making it like a sticky at the top of the specific forum, or ignore a thread. The forum display shows total posts to thread AND next to it is a bold number indicating how many new posts since you last went to the thread (NOT based on your activity timestamp).

You can do more with users, too. Besides ignore, you can block a specific avatar if you find it offensive/gross and you can even "disagreen", which replaces a user's avatar with a green square; it's great for times when you don't want to ignore a user but want a quick reminder that you generally find them annoying or whatever.

You also can favorite specific posts, like an in-Ravelry bookmark. And a great balance between pure discussion and ego-driven ratings is the buttons for each post. You can click any combination of the buttons for a post, which include Educational, Interesting, Agree, Disagree, Love. You can also disable the display of any of them if you want.