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The World is full of Secrets

Okay, I bet a million dollars if there is a strange clicking sound a feeling of constant surveillance then your in the media or military (or want to be or have been in the past or someone you live with is) I once heard from a governmental source the days of planting bugs in peoples homes are over and have been for a very very long time. today they use a sort of sonar to listen in from a distance, if you go outside at night and walk out to the road while it's very quiet the chirping over my house is loud to me, but others around me could barely hear it. Sometimes I would struggle with it in my mind I was certain it wasn't spiritual and that it was a technology being deployed against me. A new form of torture from a distance, hitting people with invisible rays that make their hearts race with fear & trepidation Awful technologies designed by lunatics with deep dark ops kinds of funding. they'll steal the words from peoples mouths and the sounds they make around their homes (the sound of cutlery being tossed into a drawer makes a nice high hat) package them up as the latest & greatest. while your in the dark wondering why all your words & ideas keep coming right back at cha through your favorite recording artists & movie makers etc (Spy vs Spy kinda stuff uno) you have to pay for your development nothing in this life is free, but it's nice to think it is...I've been were you all are. I know how awful and confusing it is chirping on the kitchen bench top for a few day then in the bedroom & I know it seems like it's ghostly because it's emanating a magnetic field which can make your hair stand on end. (ghostly/supernatural phenomena is more subtle in it's frequency to me) Lol I noticed the chirping technology being used at the hospital the other day tracking everyone who enters with a sonic signature which is taken from your voice (usually but it's not required) you cant get away from it until you leave the grounds. So stress not everyone it's being used for good and for bad reasons, think satellites & super technologies designed to manage people. This is the best answer your ever gonna find on this topic it is a deep dark ops technology being deployed on people all over the world. I truly love people (because I am one for now) and as we all grow live and learn together I think it's important to communicate what strange things that happen in our lives with each other over the net so we actually can find answers to deeply personal things such as this. The other thing that worries me is the use of Xray technologies at airports frequent commuters would have their life spans destroyed think about that and what it means. people carrying drugs & other contraband inside themselves are only small amounts and does not warrant the use of such cellular destroying rays on frequent international fliers. ( who are in their own right an economical & political backbone) weve got big problems coming up did anyone catch the news about the massive alien spaceship tinkering with the sun? incredible footage, it seemed to be injecting something into it they said Amazing. hold it together okay...secret mind link technology is about to jump in leaps & bounds it's gonna be awesome.