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Originally Posted by davidm View Post
You want to talk about lazy writing? You want to talk about deus ex machina? The whole thing gets suddenly cut short by a new mad scientist invention that is orders of magnitude bigger than anything used up to that point. Why even bother with any fighting to begin with? Just pull a crazy ass big bomb out of your butt and obliterate the other side.

They more or less ended the European part of it with an exciting large scale invasion and takeover, then decided to abruptly end the Pacific part of it with some bad science fiction.
I don't agree. They had all those sequences in the New Mexico desert with the physicists leading up to it. Doesn't really look like something they cut in at the last minute. I guess they figured they'd already done the massive invasion and villain's last stand thing, and didn't want to take a second dip out of the same well. Not quite sure why they didn't just have the two invasions and last stands run in parallel.