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Some real suggestions:

1) Check inside a gas furnace. There is often a transformer there that can make noises. They carry throughout the house via the ductwork.
2) Check the pipes by holding a glass to your ear with the rim against the longest visible pipe. All pipes vibrate and most are hung with metal straps at some point. Again, the sound can carry wherever there are pipes in the walls and floors.
3) Some small transformers make noise. The "ground fault interrupt" box on the cord of my hairdryer will make clicks if I don't unplug it after use.
4) You say "house", but if you lived in an apartment like I do, the ticking can come from the common areas. We recently had a lot of people complain about "rapping" at night. Tracked it down to the common hot water pump with a cracked impeller blade. $200 repair and everyone happy.