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I tend to be sceptical of arguments for a relatively recent MRCA. These arguments disregard the existence of "fat tails," statistical outliers that are more extreme than analyses would suggest - the same reason why once-a-millennium events happen in the financial markets every few years. They also disregard the existence of radically isolated populations, such as the Sentinelese and some of the peoples of New Guinea, and the likelihood that at least some Native Americans have no European or African ancestry (e.g., in some of the uncontacted or minimally contacted tribes of South America). Consider also that there are still purebred Hawaiians, and while the pre-James Cook Hawaiians were not radically isolated, they were still pretty isolated.

As far as the OP's question is concerned, however: I doubt if either he or his girlfriend are from radically isolated populations. They're sure to be much closer than 50th cousins. The chances that they are closer than 10th cousins are very high.