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Originally Posted by Shakester View Post
There are living full-blood Australian Aborigines, and while they were never completely isolated from the rest of the world in the way that the Tasmanian sub-group were, they were mostly isolated from everyone except for near neighbours from their arrival in Australia at a very minimum of 40 000 years ago, and most likely 50 to 60 000 years ago.

So there's no way they have have a recent common ancestor with modern European/African/Asian populations. Anyone claiming they do is tripping. There is no way on Earth that they can possibly share an ancestor with modern Europeans any more recently than way over 40 000 years back.
First of all, Australia was not genetically isolated for that long. We know there was immigration from parts of Asia 4-5K years ago, at least. But further, once Europeans arrived, it would be extremely difficult to prevent gene flow to even the most remote tribes given 300 years of interbreeding.

I've met Aborigines who have told me that they are full-blooded, and I see no reason to doubt them.
I would have no reason to believe they had any way of knowing that.