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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Doesn't matter. The OP is 'at most', so we have to look at the worst possible case.
It's not very interesting or enlightening to dismiss this concept based on two people on earth who may 51st cousins instead of 50th. The measure of this is the closeness of relation between the vast majority of people on earth. Is it around 50 or not? If there are some outliers that would be interesting in of itself, but even getting to the point of saying it's more likely than not that you are no more than a 50th cousin of everyone on earth is something of note.

I'm also getting the impression reading this that a small isolated group doesn't change things much. Members of that group will all be closely related, and any one of those members who are related to someone outside of the group will bring the whole group in close relationship with the rest of the world.