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Originally Posted by Princhester View Post
I can type "FXFETFCCR" on this keyboard. What possible benefit does a keyboard designer gain by permitting me to type that?
If you were editing a text file using TECO and you typed that, it would almost certainly do something. It might or might not be obvious what it did. If not, you could spend the next several hours poking through your file to find out what got changed in it.

Keyboard designers gotta design keyboards to accept all possible TECO commands too!

Some people (myself included) can roll their tongue (the better for sticking into paper towel tubes ). You can immediately see the obvious evolutionary advantages to this.

I can also roll over and play dead. This is supposed to induce people to come over and rub my belly. But nobody ever seems to do that. I assume this is a genetic defect in all the people around me.