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Originally Posted by AskNott View Post
Harry Houdini reportedly taught himself to tie and untie knots with his toes. That was useful in his line of work. He was said to remove his shoes and socks to practice knots when he got bored at parties.

The ability to wiggle your ears or wrinkle up your nose can be useful for adjusting your glasses when your hands are full.

Nose-twitching is useless for most of us, but it got Elizabeth Montgomery a nice job.
Actually, she go tthe job in spite o fthe fact that she couldn't do it.

All these things can be learned - except the tongue rolling, that one's genetic.

If you smile really brightly, your ears go back. Do this enough times and concentrate and eventually you'll be able to isolate the muscles and use them on demand. Try long enough and eventually you'll isolate how to do one at a time. Do it with both ears hard enough and your whole scalp moves.

If you stretch your upper lip down over your front teeth, your nose goes down. Do this enough times and eventually you'll be able to wiggle it like a bunny without moving the lip.

I've said it here before, all these talents of mine are the results of long boring sermons in my childhood. It was something to do while appearing to sit there listening.