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A friend of mine had an eight-year-old who had a class fieldtrip to Safety City--where the kids get to "drive" around and obey traffic lights.

Child got at least one cooling off period, "added" a horn to her vehicle, and said a number of amusing and generally not quite profane things --"the light isn't getting any greener, lady".

Teacher tells friend, trying not to laugh. Friend says "I'll have to talk to my husband about that"--trying hard to imply that the husband was the impatient driver in the family.

Teacher "Oh, does daddy have a New Yawk accent, too?"

Um, No. Mom's busted.

Same friend's younger son figured out the perfect cussword--Jackhole. You see, you take the front half of jackass and add it to the back half of asshole, and there are no actual cusswords, so you won't get in trouble for saying it.

He was quickly disabused of this notion. Mom's allowed to cuss, the kids aren't.