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Originally Posted by GreasyJack View Post
They're still around, but since their leader started suffering from alzheimers and stepped down around 2000 (and eventually died a few years ago), it seems they've been toning down the doomsday talk and gone back to the sort of New Age-y self help movement they started as. The last scheduled doomsday was in 1990 and after it was averted with prayer they haven't rescheduled. They have a "teaching center" in Livingston now, and there's some splinter groups all over the country.

I think part of why they've managed to survive instead of imploding like most doomsday cults is that their finances are pretty sound. It turns out the chunk of land they bought for their compound was a savvy investment-- in the 90's, the valley became super trendy, with celebrities building luxury cabins and such, so the group has been able to sell small parcels of land for a very tidy profit. They still own the core of their "ranch" though (and presumably the bunkers) and hold events up there from time to time.

(Incidentally here's their somewhat disorganized wiki page-- it seems like about half of it is written by believers or at least sympathizers: Church Universal and Triumphant)
Ah, yes, their last doomsday was just before I moved away in the spring of 1990. No one in Minnesota had any idea about the disaster that had recently been averted!