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Originally Posted by TokyoBayer View Post
I'm only sort of late getting our Christmas tree up. Considering all what's happening, it's not bad.

I get the tree out of the box and start to put it together. And drop something. My four-year-old, Beta-chan, looks up and says "Say dammit, Daddy." Except it's "dannit" so I'm not quite sure what she means. I give her an enquiringly look and she says, "You dropped it, so say 'dannit.'"

Ah, yes. One must swear when one drops things. At least Grandma wasn't there to overhear.

Back when Dweezil was a toddler, he was very good at picking up vocabulary and using it appropriately. So we were forced to make a very concerted effort to retrain ourselves.

One day, I was carrying something upstairs, and it was precariously perched on a pile of other stuff I was carrying, and I sorta *knew* it was doing to fall. When it did, I restrained myself and managed to keep it to "golly" or something like that.

Dweezil, very helpfully, chimed in with "Gah Damit".