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Originally Posted by Yllaria View Post
There's a story claiming that a friend of a friend's kid was five before he figured out that the think that Mommy used a lot was really called a sewing machine and not whore.
I'm not sure I follow the etymology.

Originally Posted by Eureka View Post
Same friend's younger son figured out the perfect cussword--Jackhole. You see, you take the front half of jackass and add it to the back half of asshole, and there are no actual cusswords, so you won't get in trouble for saying it.
I kinda got annoyed with that commercial about the drill sargeant therapist who calls his patient a "jackwagon". It's one of those words that sounds kinda like a dirty word but isn't really anything. But my nephew picked it up, probably because his father found that commercial funny. So he'd go around repeating that line from the commercial. *sigh* Not horrible, just tiring.