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Originally Posted by swampbear View Post
Smoked meat is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond grilled stuff on the nummy scale. Makes me wanna crank up my smoker and smoke me some ribs.
I tried Johnny Trigg's receipe and love it.
Dry rub and 2 hours with the bone side down.
Then put Squeeze Parkay, Tiger Sauce, brown sugar and honey on the meat, wrap it in foil, turn it meat side down (so can soak in) and return to heat for 1 hour.
Then remove from foil and bone side down for 1 hour to finish.
They were incredibly moist, tender and had a fantastic flavor. I substituted agave nectar for honey.

Originally Posted by gardentraveler
I know, right? I demand a share as well.
Cool, we can talk plants while we munch.

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