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Originally posted by BPBob
Finally, you cannot take a photograph of a sleeping cat, because they know when a flash will occur before it takes place, which adds the intriguing notions of either causality or time travel, yet again!
This deserves closer investigation. Certain cats can predict the future motion of certain polymer compounds, especially those with grated sides and doors, door locks, and handles, of a type generally used for cat containment.

At the same time, other cats -- or even the same cat -- appear to be temporily impaired in that past action is mis-interpreted as future action. For instance, should you perform decontamination on the cat by-product containment unit, the cat seems to misinterpret this past action as a future action, and will return to the unit to excrete additional by-products, seemingly in expectation that the putative future decontamination is about to take place. Similarly, certain cats misinterpret the span of time from 0500 to 0600 hours, or even earlier, to be 0700 or 0730, and perform certain social rituals associated with the provision of nutritional substance.