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Originally posted by Solomon7t
Perhaps the Cat is the physical manifestation of god? Maybe thats how he always knows where everyone is and what their doing. Then if we were able to destroy all the cats in the world, god would have no idea what were going ever. muhahahaha
Quick, while he's not looking, put the Roach powder into this cup of tea, and then Oh, hi, Sol, howya doin??

OF COURSE cats are the manifestation of God... how else could they command total obedience from the Crown of Creation, the Paragon Of Animals How Noble In Reason?
Has anyone worked out the formulae for weight ratios of cat-to-refrigerator/soda machine/gravitational constant yet? My calculator has cheetos jammed into the keys...
"We have met the enemy, and he is us!" - Pogo ;j (yes I DO have a copy of that cartoon!)
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