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Originally Posted by Inner Stickler View Post
(And to be honest, I thought Wild Belle was rather different and much more interesting to listen to.)
The Wild Belle was the least annoying of them, and is something I could actually like if she weren't singing that way.

Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
This appears to be almost universally referred to simply as "indie singing style." It's very widely remarked upon.
Simple indeed. Almost too simple and a bit unfair to indie singers who don't engage in this silliness.

If you want to come up with a specific name for it it'd be a good thing to figure out who most popularized it. Not sure who that'd be.
Hmm, if I could figure out who started it, that'd be an easy way to describe what I'm talking about. Also, so that I can send them hate mail. No, I jest. I'm sure it wasn't so bad when just a handful of imitators were doing this, but now that it's the default of indie folk singers, or whatever, it is driving me beyond nuts. It's gotten to the point where the term "singer-songwriter" is a bad word to me when used to describe young white girls. Before I even hear them, I know what they sound like and just cannot deal with it.