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Originally Posted by Trom View Post
Huh, this might be the oldest example of this that I've seen. This nonsense started cropping up like weeds (or at least I first heard it) a good decade ago, and then it became unbearable several years later. I'd hoped people would grow sick of it, but it appears to be getting worse.

Originally Posted by Ferret Herder View Post
No idea, but I'll nominate Nellie McKay as another perpetrator.
Very annoying. She's on my list. (Not the good one.)

Originally Posted by LC Strawhouse View Post
How about "waify"? (aka "I'm a poor helpless orphan in a harsh world") College aged folks seem to find that style extremely attractive, though.
Heh, I like that and what's funny is if I said "She has that damn waify singing voice," I'll bet most people will know what I'm talking about.