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Originally Posted by drastic_quench View Post
Precious and moribund. I first noticed how much I hated it when a Pomplamouse video covering Beyonce's Single Ladies went viral in 2009.
God, yes, this is a perfect example! It was this shitty cover that made me officially declare myself sick of this trend that needed to stop yesterday. An already stupid song covered in this whiny-ass singing voice. Great.

Originally Posted by Ponch8 View Post
A perfect example: the host's 5th-favorite cover of 2013 was a cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" by Daughter. Listen to the bridge (starting about 0:31 or 0:33 in each version). The cover artist makes no attempt whatsoever to sing "we've...come too give up...who we are" with more than one note. It completely destroys the spirit of the song.
Ugh, I wish I hadn't clicked on that. Truly annoying, and now like Jophiel, my YouTube thinks I want to listen to more of this waify crying into the microphone.

Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
Does Regina Spector's "All You've Got Time" (theme from Orange is the New Black) fall in your category, MoL? I really really want to like this song, but I find it impossible to do so because of her singing style.
She has traces of it, but isn't over the top annoying with it. I'll let her live.