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Originally Posted by Wendell Wagner View Post
The term "vocal fry" has already been mentioned, but let me give a video illustrating it:
There's definitely vocal fry in it, but it's not just the vocal fry that makes up this irritating style. It's also the out of breath soft whining and the completely ridiculous twang.

Originally Posted by velomont View Post
From the "Commercials I Hate" forum about the Prius ad there is a great quote: "HATE this trend of breathy baby singing by grown women. I imagine the singer looks something like Zoey Dechanel and puts bird silhouettes on everything imaginable in an attempt to look whimsical and artsy. STOP IT AMERICA!"
Yes! This person is oh so very right on. We need to start a strangling campaign to end this. I'll bet they'd try to record a song during the strangulation. "These constricted airways are doing wonders for my singing voice!"