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Re: What about anitgravity?

Originally posted by flickerwolf
Well, what if we put a cat or a piece of toast into space, where there are multiple floors...If the the cat and/or toast land, where would it be...or if not, would they just perpetually spin in the absolute center of the room?
This one's already been tried. Back in the days of the early space program some one wondered how cats orient themselves - gravity or visual cues. So they sent a cat up in the cockpit of a jet fighter sitting on the pilot's lap, the pilot does a parabola, zero gravity in the plane, camera films result, scientists are happy, yes? Unfortunately the film didn't really show how cats orient themselves. What it showed was a pilot frantically trying to detatch a cat from his arm, & the cat frantically resisting. Eventually, the cat was torn off & placed in mid air, only to float (feet first of course) back to the pilot & then there was no shaking it off. So it seems that in zero-gravity, cats will automatically land on the nearest human.