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Re: Re: Wow, what a great thread!

[QUOTE]Originally posted by labradorian
Originally posted by Joe_Cool
If cats are curled up in curled-up dimensions, does that mean cats have six dimensions of square curlage, equal to 6c2? What are the implications of this?
...that c seems to increase in inverse proportion with the ambient temperature. I propose, though I have not been able to confirm, that as you approach absolute zero, c would approach infinity.
EUREKA!!!! That's the answer to interstellar travel! You build a cat-matrix (constructed of wood and covered in carpet) into your ship, then chill the cat to near-absolute zero. The cat curls up, causing c to increase and approach infinity as temperature approaches zero. A local increase in the speed of light, enabling you to travel at hyperfast speeds without violating relativity! MUAHAHAHAHAHA Off to the patent office!
(something tells me it's strangely appropriate for my new sig to debut in this thread)