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What small predator would do this? (warning: kinda gross)

So, I'm at someone's house this morning, and I notice something really disgusting on their side walkway: the complete internal organs of a small mammal. Not scattered around, but all together as if they had been surgically removed. Probably a rat or a rabbit (I think the latter, due to the size) but that isn't want I'm wondering about.

What sort of predator would leave those remains? No fur, no skin, no bones, just the entire set of internal organs-- heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines... I'm assuming it was a cat, but I've never heard of them regurgitating internal organs.

Location: Near San Jose, CA, in an area where you would routinely find bobcats and coyotes, but also plenty of domestic cats and dogs. The homeowner has no pets, but the property definitely has some rats and quite a few rabbits.