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Originally Posted by chiroptera View Post
I had a hunter-cat years ago who would do exactly this - eat almost the entire north end of his prey, but leave parts of the south end intact.
Originally Posted by Zulema View Post
We now have a cat who will eat the rabbit from the waist forward.
They are following some of the rules, but you should tell them that rabbits aren't remotely kosher.

Not eating the gall bladder makes sense since bile is nasty,* and the large intestine is gross, but most dogs would be like Ulfreida's and scarf it up. Little stays in a dog's mouth long enough for them to taste it.

* - You know it's time to get your gall bladder out when the dry heaves turn into the green heaves because you are puking so hard you're squeezing bile past the obstruction, through your small intestine and stomach, and out your mouth. And you don't care because the pain goes away.