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Shortest Commercially Available Flight?

What is the shortest commercially-available passenger flight? Exclude stuff like chartered flights, where you have to make special arrangements. Also, I want to keep the focus on transportation, so exclude stuff like sight-seeing flights, or flights for the purposes of skydiving, that sort of thing.

Two categories:

1) Over water (you couldn't drive yourself there).
2) Over land

For the first, I note that Cape Air has a flight from Hyannis to Nantucket, with a scheduled duration of 22 minutes.

For the second, I note that Cape Air also has a flight from Boston to Hyannis, with a scheduled duration of 35 minutes.

(And no, I'm not a shill for Cape Air, I was just on the Cape over this past weekend and found myself interested in the concept of really short flights.)

Can you beat those, or have I answered my own question?