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Looking at the information available from various tables at

Taking it as a challenge to automate some stuff, I've looked at all the scheduled routes that start at airports with codes that begin with A or B. So far, have found nine routes that are 100km or less. No idea the nature of these scheduled routes, but might provide some candidates.

Alaska seems a good pool of them, but they have lots of towns wit no connecting roads.

Atmautluak, AK to Bethel, AK - 25.36km
Batsfjord, Norway to Berlevag, Norway - 38.44km
Belmopan, Belize to Belize City, Belize - 58.20km
Allakaket, AK to Bettles, AK - 62.32km
Alliance, NE to Scotts Bluff, NE - 68.55km
Kodiak, AK to Amook, AK - 84.94km
Atqasuk, AK to Barrow, AK - 89.76
Al Ain, UAE to Abu Dhabi - UAE - 99.30km
Aalborg, Denmark to Arhus, Denmark - 99.89km