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Originally Posted by Colophon View Post
Here is the current timetable for Loganair's interisland flights.

As well as the two-minute Westray - Papa Westray flight, there are some other flights taking 10 minutes or less:

Stronsay to Sanday: 6 min
North Ronaldsay to Eday: 8-9 min.
North Ronaldsay to Papa Westray: 10 min.

I don't think you will beat Westray to Papa Westray though! Here is a Google Map showing how close the airstrips are:
What's the point of such a flight? Just from looking at the map, it looks like there might be 100 people on Papa Westray, maybe 1000 on Westray, with several ferry routes. The only rationale I can think of is maybe if the guy who owns most of Papa Westray lives on Westray, flies back and forth on a regular basis, and keeps the plane running for his tennants and neighbors.

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