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According to Mundia (free at the moment, soon to go commercial as part of

Her parents where Oscar Edwin Lukanen, and Mildred Sigrid Mattson .

Other Lukanen people just look caucasian, and I found a few that emigrated from Germany (to Australia.)

I thought perhaps the Pitkaaho surname was African.. no its Finnish.

Mildred Mattson's parents born in Finland - Anna Greta Kreita Pitkaaho emigrated to Minnesota with Charles Mattson.

"Father, Charles (Sulasalmi) Mattson, born in Kuusamo, Finland and her mother, Anna Greta (Pitkaaho) Mattson, born in Pulkila Oulun Laani, Finland, worked the family farm in New York Mills, MN. Mary Ann was preceded in death by her husband, Arnold Carl, her 13 siblings, Alden, Edna, Edward, Emil, Fred, Lillian, Mary, Martha, Mildred *Our subject*, Sarah, Sophia, Walfred, Wilma and her parents"

Sulasalmi is just a Finnish surname.

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