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Originally Posted by SpoilerVirgin View Post
Sometimes a better phrasing is "I'm sorry, I don't eat green beans." It's a little firmer and leaves your reasons more ambiguous, and also doesn't imply that you would eat them if they tasted better. Of course, you're always going to get someone asking you WHY you don't eat green beans, but I find that just sort of shaking your head and saying, "it's really not a good idea" will work.

Claiming allergies is a problem because it leads to people not understanding the seriousness of true allergies, or assuming that anyone who says they have allergies just doesn't like a particular food.
When I was a kid there were certain foods (green beans and peas being two of them) that gave me, what I called, a 'weird sore throat'. My mom just told me I was being picky. To make a long story short, even as an adult she had me convinced that I was just being picky and from time to time I would still try to eat them and they still made my throat tingle. About a year ago I had prick testing done...all those things that made my 8 year old self say "this gives me a weird sore throat" I was allergic to.
A few months or years earlier someone here made me aware of Oral Allergy Syndrome and my symptoms lined up with that so I sort of expected it, but it was still nice to see it on paper.