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Since this thread got revived I will post this link about a song in a commercial that I hate that uses this singing style.

The most annoying thing about it is that it's a commercial so it plays constantly, although I admit I am seeing less of it lately. It's not so much the breathiness but the mispronounciation of words that drives me nuts. Here's the lyrics:

I must confess when I wear this dress
I feel like dancing the whole night with you
‘Cause you are the one I could see having fun with
Not just for the night but for the rest of my life
Doo doo doo…
On "confess" and "this" she stretches out the "s" sounds so it sounds like she's a singing snake.
Then "dress" which normally rhymes with "confess" is pronounced "drey-ess".
"With you" is more like "wit-oo"
And the "of" in "rest of my life" is more like "o" and then "life" is drawn out.

Also, I just feel like the song is a weird choice for a cat food commercial.