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Things that you've read/seen that you wish you hadn't?

Ever read or saw something that you wish you could erase from your mind? Something either soul crushingly depressing, vomit inducingly gross or just plain depraved that would take an Olympic sized pool of brain breach to get rid of? Try and keep it to media related things, not RL experiences.

I sure have.

*When I was 13-14 I got my hands on a horror paperback that was so disturbing I ended up throwing it away. The only thing I remember about it was it was some sort of "Good vs. Evil" fight that I think involved angels and demons. A long drawn out fight between a woman (I think she was a demon) and a man (who was an angel). The woman kept trying to "impale" herself on his "manhood" in mid flight. Also a really graphic scene of a woman being anally gang raped by a demon possessed bikers.

*When I was 17 I saw a video of a Racoon Dog being skinned alive in China. That will never leave me.

*When I was in high school I watched that episode of Master's of Horror about the hunters and the magical raccoons. The one hunters face + the bear trap = nightmares for weeks.