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Yesterday, I sent a Facebook friend request to an old neighbor who I grew up with, and guess what? My feed is getting spammed with one anti-Obama meme after another. She's not posting them; she's liking them and they end up on my wall that way, and fortunately I found out how to hide posts from the person who's posting the memes in the first place, so I don't have to hide her.

I have another FBF who's a really militant atheist who was doing that with anti-religious, and specifically anti-Christian, memes - dozens a day, every day. In recent months, she's had limited Internet access (going into more detail could potentially identify her) so I haven't had to deal with it lately.

And while we're on the subject of offensive videos, there's always Tubgirl, Lemon Party, mypetgoatse, and any number of other things that can't be unseen after they're seen. Do not Google any of those on a public or work computer.

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