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Originally Posted by ArztWolf View Post
*When I was 17 I saw a video of a Racoon Dog being skinned alive in China. That will never leave me.
Oh god, that one still haunts me as well. That sadistic fucker
peeled that poor tanuki's skin off so slowly, and kept standing on its (skinless) neck while it struggled to get away from the agony, but somehow it kept surviving and the film just kept going ON and ON and ON.
Somebody later said that the animal rights activist who filmed it (it was supposed to be "hidden camera" footage) had deliberately staged it, paying the guy to actually skin the animal alive to make the footage more gruesome and shocking, even though normally they kill them first. I could not figure out who to be more appalled with, the guy who actually did the skinning, or the supposed "animal rights" guy who made the whole thing happen.

That wasn't nearly as bad as watching the old man get tortured to death by those three teenagers when somebody OH SO HILARIOUSLY posted a link to "Three guys, one hammer" in a message board thread one time. Things like that make me feel sickened and depressed for about 2-3 weeks, until I can stop thinking about them constantly, and even then they keep popping back into my mind every now and then, like when somebody talks about them.

I have absolutely no problem with violence or gore in books or movies, but when it involves a real live human (or mammal, I guess, given how the tanuki video made me feel), I just absolutely can't handle it.

Well, I guess I don't have absolutely NO problem with violence in books or movies. For instance, Spider Robinson's science fiction book Very Bad Deaths was an awesome story filled with fascinating flashbacks about the main character's years going to college in the 1960's. But because the main plot involved trying to find and stop Allen, the world's most horrific serial killer, and because Spider Robinson did a very effective job of creating Allen, I haven't been able to re-read that book since i first read it 10 years ago, even though I would like to. I just can't put myself through reading about Allen again, knowing that some people really do stuff like that to other people.

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