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The usual stuff -- war photos, surgery footage, and so on. My biggest weakness is eye violence. Even a tame scene like the Kill Bill eye snatch makes me wince and turn my head.

Entertainment wise, Antichrist was a surprise. I heard it was fucked up, but for the most part it was a low key horror drama. There's a scene where the dude's crazy girlfriend is jerking him off, then she hits him in the balls with a giant piece of wood, keeps going, and he ejaculates blood. That made me grit my teeth in empathy pain, but not too bad. Then later on the crazy woman grabbed scissors and gave herself a clitoridecotmy. Snip, snip. Did I mention this film showed full nudity with no cut aways? I guess if you're into knife play it could be pretty hot, but no. Thanks a lot, Lars von Trier.

I don't know the name of the film, but when I was a teen I saw some Vietnam, maybe Korean war movie where the Americans are getting overrun and the planes are bombing very close to their own troops (Broken arrow event I think they called it). One guy got caught in the napalm and his buddies tried to move him. So they grab his legs, but his pants are fused to his skin, and his skin is melting and sloughing off, so the skin slides right off and they can't grab him. UGH. Just thinking about it makes my shins tingle.

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