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Originally Posted by Procrustus View Post
I think every autopsy photo I've ever had to see is still in my brain.
I collect old medical books, and a gynecology book I have from 1908 has a pencil drawing of the perineal area of an 8-month-old baby who had been raped. It is every bit as horrible as it sounds.

There's a You Tube video made by the military in 1955 about the original hantavirus outbreak; it's about 45 minutes long and has risen in "popularity" since the Ebola outbreak. It has graphic autopsy footage and also clips of victims vomiting blood, and I don't think those were re-enactments. I personally did not find it disturbing, but others might. What WAS disturbing to me was that most of the fatalities were from kidney failure, which at the time was untreatable.