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Originally Posted by longhair75 View Post
Among firearms enthusiasts, there seem to be a huge number of people who were Marine Recon Special Operations Snipers. There are also a great many who are former Navy Seal Team Special Operations Snipers.

They are on the internet, so it must all be true
I've noticed, in a long career of drinking, that most everybody I've ever met that told me that they were in Nam, was either a Marine sniper, special forces, black ops guy, or CIA. I question if a lot of these folks were ever in the military at all. I've had guys that were several years younger than me, tell me that they were in the Vietnam. One guy told me that he was a door gunner during the Tet offensive in 68? I was 13 in 68, and he was 5 years younger than I. The same idiot told me that he was a seal, a marine aviator, LURP, and a few other things. When somebody tells me that they were in that war, I immediately think "Bullshit".