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Originally Posted by yabob View Post
"Always carry a purse" ... you always heard that one thing they would not question, and simply reject you for, is if you told them you were a homosexual. However, that would get you a permanent record of that "fact" following you around. In the 1970s that was not something you wanted, whether you were actually gay or straight. I don't believe it actually worked as advertised anyway.
Yes, it "worked as advertised" . . . at least in my case. That's because in my case it was true. You had to go into a little room, and be interviewed by some kind of doctor/shrink, behind a desk. If you were very effeminate and lisped, he was very good at weeding out the fakes. But if you acted like a normal gay young man, you stood a better chance. I remember he asked about how I met men, and my history with women. I just answered truthfully and got a 1-Y. Or it may have been the skin-tight white jeans, which were a sure sign back in the 60s, but not so over-the-top.