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Originally Posted by Ranger Jeff View Post
There was a story about a guy who in 1965, got a 4-F for a conviction for Littering and Creating a Public Nuisance.
But that dude also got good and drunk the night before, so he looked and felt his best when he went in there that morning.

As for me: I got classified 4-F, circa 1970, due to a letter a doctor wrote to my draft board -- A doctor that I hadn't seen for two years. But the doc didn't send me a copy, and I was too dumb at the time to ask him for one. To this very day, I don't know what that letter said, or why I was 4-F. But I wasn't complaining, of course. This was at the height of the Vietnam "war". I assumed, possibly wisely, that having gotten my treasured 4-F classification, I should just STFU and leave it be.

I saw a list of medical conditions that could get one marked 4-F. Colleges were full of draft counselors in those days, with publications like that, or other advice on how to beat the draft. Pacifist groups like the Quakers had publications like that. One way to get 4-F was to have your penis amputated. They didn't want guys who had to sit down to pee, I guess.

My big brother enlisted in the Army the day he graduated from high school (in 1959, so no major wars going on then other than the Cold one). Got out in 1962 or 1963, went to college, joined ROTC, planned to make a military career -- then after all that, got rejected for OCS because of high blood pressure.

ETA: Just recently, maybe 5 years ago, I wrote to the Selective Service folks to ask if I could get a copy of that letter. I mean, this is modern government. They keep ALL records on EVERYTHING, FOREVER, right? Not quite. They wrote back that all they had anymore from that era was some skeletal summary data, but not the actual source documents. And here, all this time, I though that everyone in government kept ALL records on EVERYTHING, FOREVER. So to this day, I don't know why I was classified 4-F.

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