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Originally Posted by panache45 View Post
Yes, it "worked as advertised" . . . at least in my case. That's because in my case it was true. You had to go into a little room, and be interviewed by some kind of doctor/shrink, behind a desk. If you were very effeminate and lisped, he was very good at weeding out the fakes. But if you acted like a normal gay young man, you stood a better chance. I remember he asked about how I met men, and my history with women. I just answered truthfully and got a 1-Y. Or it may have been the skin-tight white jeans, which were a sure sign back in the 60s, but not so over-the-top.
Well, that's actually what I would have suspected - they interviewed you to weed out guys who were faking. The story that floated around was that they would immediately reject you no questions asked, but you would have a flag on your "record" advertising you as homosexual forevermore. I doubted both statements. 1Y was "available, but only in extreme circumstances", given out for various medical conditions which would limit your effectiveness, such as the skin conditions discussed above. Reclassified to 4F in 1971, about the same time as they discontinued the 2S. I don't know how many details would be available as to the reason for your draft classification.

(I actually got my 2S after it had already been discontinued, pointing out to the draft board that I had already been in college by then. I had just pulled an extremely low number in the pool, and I was surprised that I got grandfathered in.)