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Originally Posted by Wendell Wagner View Post
At the time in any case, no male under 5 foot tall could be drafted. l
Not drafted, but at one point in time I was living with a guy in one of the helicopter mine sweeping units, and there was a guy in the ground crew who was under 5 feet tall. My bf joked it was so they could shove him into places to do repairs fast without having to disassemble cowlings to get at the repair jobs.

I never understood how the Navy would put these huge guys into the submarine service. At various times on my husbands boats there were guys that used to be hulking football players and one officer who was something like 6'7 and had a permanent bruise on his head from bashing it into things on the boat. These poor guys barely fit in their bunks ... [coffin sized, something like 6 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet]