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Originally Posted by Alessan View Post
There are very few advantages to being tall in a modern military. Maybe you can carry a bit more, but that's about it; the downsides include being a bigger target, and having much harder time fitting inside vehicles.
Carry more, inherently faster marching and running speed. When I went through basic training I noticed clear trends, and once I went to medical school I found out that growth hormones generally give a taller person more total muscle tissue to scale with their larger skeletons. Shorter people may visually appear bulkier because taller people can gain just as much muscle mass without it being as visually apparent since the muscles are spread across a larger area.

With that said, I agree with you that for the task of running war machines such as ships, tanks, and aircraft, increased height is probably a slight disadvantage. The designers of such vehicles have every incentive to shave where they can.