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Originally Posted by Wendell Wagner View Post
aruvqan, what year did this happen? I've been told that in the Vietnam War era, the height requirement for men was that they couldn't be less than 5 foot or more than 6 foot 6. I've been told that now the requirement for both men and women is that they can't be less than 4 foot 10 or more than 6 foot 8. Does anyone have the entire history of the height requirements of the American military for both sexes over all the time that the military has had any height requirements (and perhaps a citation for it)? Yeah, I'm sure that you can come up with anecdotes about particular rejections at particular times, but I'd like to know the entire history.
There was a woman in my basic training unit who was very short. She has to supply a doctor's note that she didn't have any form of dwarfism that might compromise her skeleton, and was just someone who was short. Apparently people, or women in a range, I'm not sure what it is, can get this. This is when the Army allowed one waiver, no matter what it was. You could have a waiver for mild asthma, a waiver for having a juvenile record you had not had expunged, a waiver for having vision that was poorer than X, but better than Y, so long as you just had one waiver, this height waiver, or a number of other things, but you couldn't have two-- at least to start basic. Once you were an soldier who had finished training, you might have more than one waiver. I knew a guy who had a waiver that allowed him to be up to ten pounds overweight as long as he continued to pass his PT tests. His PT test scores were very high, so they brought up the average for his company, but he couldn't quite make weight, and he couldn't make tape, because he had these weirdly narrow wrists.